The Cosmos Liquid Staking Zone
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The Liquid Staking Zone Custom Built for Cosmos

Liquid Stake your Cosmos assets with your preferred validator and receive liquid staked assets (qASSETs) that you can use for swapping, pooling, lending, and more, all while your original stake earns staking APY from securing the network.

  • Choose Any Validator

    No validator whitelist means you can stake to any validator on the supported chain.

  • Earn Rewards

    Earn staking APY, plus get more rewards when you stake to performant validators.

  • Vote with Liquid Staked Assets

    Retain your governance rights on the native chain, a first in Cosmos.


Access Liquid Staking with Zero Dev Work

Onboarding onto Quicksilver Liquid Staking is as easy as a governance proposal for eligible chains. Contact us to get started.

  • Plug & Play Easy Onboarding

    Quicksilver uses ICA to control stake accounts over IBC for fast & easy setup.

  • Frictionless UX

    The Liquidity Staking Module will allow for seamless asset transfers of staked positions for a happier & easier user journey.

  • Zero Code Required

    Dependency only on core IBC modules means no custom dev work for partner chains using ibc-go v3.3.30+.

  • Open Access

    Get access to users & liquidity spanning 50+ IBC-enabled chains.


QCK is the utility token of Quicksilver. QCK holders own the Quicksilver Protocol.

  • Build the future

    Vote in on-chain governance to determine the future of Quicksilver.

  • Secure the network

    Stake to validators to secure Quicksilver’s chain.

  • Process Transactions

    QCK token is used to pay fees for network transactions.

Airdrop wen?

As new chains are onboarded, eligible stakers will receive a QCK airdrop. We’re airdropping this way because we’re committed to decentralization and onboarding new users to ensure the protocol is in the hands of the community.

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