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  • As a sovereign Cosmos-SDK zone, Quicksilver is not subject to the constraints associated with the existing approaches to Liquid Staking

  • Through interchain accounts and the Liquid Staking Module, Quicksilver rapidly and seamlessly onboards any Cosmos-SDK based zone in a permissionless manner

  • Due to its design, Quicksilver can scale to a limitless number of zones, with zero onboarding effort required from neither the zones nor their validators

  • Quicksilver is controlled by its token holders, and all decisions to onboard new zones, distribute incentives, and control parameters are determined by the community

Value proposition

  • The fungibility of issued vouchers

  • The socialization of risk across all validators

  • The maintenance of governance rights

  • No validator whitelist. Users can delegate to all validators

  • The incentivization for choosing performant and decentralized validators

  • An on-chain governance controlled airdrop module for newly onboarded chains

The Quicksilver Token

The Quicksilver Token is a Liquid Staking token with multiple use cases:

  • Securing the Quicksilver chain through staking

  • Determining the future of the Quicksilver Zone through on-chain governance

  • Paying transaction fees for all actions on the Zone

We believe that the majority of our tokens should be in the hands of the community.
Our ambitious incentivization strategy allocates over half of the Genesis supply and thirty percent of inflation to the Cosmos community, and is designed to empower Cosmonauts in unique ways!


  • End Q1 22 Initial Testnets
  • Mid Q2 22 Incentivized Testnet
  • Early Q3 22 Launch

Airdrop wen?

An important question indeed as more than 50% of the Genesis supply will be airdropped to the community—Follow us to find out first!

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